“Truth Telling

“Truth Telling and Trust!
Weekly Comment – September 24, 2017

Some people have little to no restraint regarding lying. Last week I was on my laptop and up popped a little window saying a famous actor unexpectedly died…to read more, click here. So I clicked and it took me to a site, describing a product for ageless skin, but zero information on the famous actor that was said to have died.

But at least now I have ageless beautiful skin. LOL. Yea, right! There is another lie, thanks Dr. Oz! People lie and deceive for many reasons; we know this because we have lied at times. We sell our car by saying it always starts and gets me where I want to go, but are purposely remiss disclosing the quart of oil you add every two weeks.

A little boy in Sunday school was asked by his teacher “What is a lie?” His response, “A lie is a very present help in time of trouble.” Even though a joke, it does serve as another reason why people lie.

In this world of lies, deception, and fake news, it is astonishingly refreshing to hear in those rare moments the unbridled truth. When people tell the truth, it is not only shocking, it does something else…it builds trust. I have a greater and easier time believing that person on other things they’ll say.

With that in mind, I will leave you with this thought: Do you think our Christian witness and use of scripture would be more impacting and fruitful if we always told the truth?

Speak the truth in love,

Pastor Mike