The Best Is Always Better – Weekly comment for 9/2/12

“…better covenant, which was established
on better promises.”
(Hebrews 8:6)

There is always someone or something that will be “better.” I heard that from my parents, teachers, coaches and friends. Mike, they would say, you have the school record for most points scored in a varsity game…but that record will be broken…someone will come along, who will have a better game and establish a better record…and someone did!

When it comes to dealings among men, there will always be “a better.” Now, some would say that the use of “better” here implies that God was improving on things, because a “better covenant” means the previous covenant was inferior, or God tried the Old Covenant, but discovered it wasn’t working and so He started over with a better, brand new one.

The truth is, the Old Covenant, called the law, is “holy and the commandments holy, just, and good” (Romans 7:12). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the previous covenant…it worked perfectly “then and now!”

In the Old Covenant, the law’s whole purpose was to reveal the sin in us and “bring us to Christ” (Rom. 7:7; Gal. 3:24). The Old Covenant is better at making known our hopeless condition of sin.

The New Covenant is “better,” in that it provides that which man cannot provide for himself. That which is unquestionably guilty and irreconcilable to God (proven by the purpose of the Old Covenant) is now brought near and reconciled to God (in the purpose of the better Covenant).

God isn’t getting “better,” He is just helping us see how desperate we are without Him.
So…the Best is Always Better…

And He is Always Best!