“Sharing Your Faith”

I remember many firsts in my life. A good many of them were scary times: my first at bat in a real live umpired little league game, my first basketball game as a starter on the varsity team, my first date, my first for real sermon in front of real people and not pretend.  Yes indeed, scary moments…but only until the first pitch, the first jump ball at center court, the awkward walking the girl to her front door, and just until the reading of the opening scriptural text. Then, things settled down a bit.

Things are like that in our first sharing of Christ to strangers, friends, and even family members. We have all heard the phrase “There are only two things people shouldn’t talk about and that’s politics and religion.” The obvious reason is because discussions with people with differences get really heated.

Communicating your faith in Christ to people can be unnerving, but lots of people like to hear stories. So here is an idea, in sharing your faith…ask people to share a little bit of their story. Often that leads to them asking you to tell them about you. And that dear brothers and sisters, is show time. Because all followers of Christ have a story. Let me encourage you to learn how to put that part of your life story into a 30-second testimony for Jesus.

Once you start, it gets a little easier. And when you lead that first person to Jesus in prayer, you are hooked… game on!

The Lord said, “You shall be My witnesses.” Sharing our faith is as easy and natural as telling our story.