School Is Back – Monthly comment for September 2012

Traditionally, Labor Day marked the end of summer vacation for me. The Tuesday following this holiday meant going back to school for my generation. Today, it is a little different, as the return to school is a week earlier, but close enough. Labor Day heralded the end of ease and actually the start of labor, not a rest from labor.

Grade school and high school were not fun for me. If it were not for sports, I am certain I would have dropped out of school at 16…that’s a fact! No one suggested college for me, primarily because they were so happy to see me gone from their class or school.

Then, Jesus entered my life and, not only did I go to college, but I became a lifelong learner and follower of Jesus Christ—that’s what “disciple” means: a pupil—a learner…among other things; that’s what a Christian is!

As believers, we learn from hearing, seeing, and doing. Like the original 12 disciples, we listen, we observe, we do likewise. Jesus multiplied, so do we…it’s called fruit bearing—from one seed lots of fruit.

In the spirit of being lifelong, fully devoted followers of Jesus, we have announced the re-start of our School of Ministry. The school is linked with our Great Northern District’s Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI). The school will be offering a wide range of classes by gifted instructors on DVD’s—live and online. We will also be offering occasional intensives on weekends.

Why not ask God if you should be a part of the School of Ministry and this first introductory course “Life Skills for Leaders,” by Wayne Cordeiro. Call the church office for details.

Let’s get back to a different kind of school!