“Interpreting the Kingdom”

Last week I spoke on interpreting the times. Solomon had told us that, “…there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiates 3:1). I tried to explain a difference between a season and a time.  Season to me, seems more the big picture, while time may be interpreted as the moment, inside a season. Solomon goes on to say that “time and chance happens to all” (Ecclesiates 9:11).

The big picture for the church, in this season, becomes this marvelous opportunity to “advance the good news.”  Beyond that, we should not be like so many with our heads down, but rather “lift up our heads because our redemption draws near.”  And finally be a people that live like spiritual Boy Scouts with the motto “always be prepared” with a life that is clean before God.

Today I want to talk about “Interpreting the Kingdom of God!” Without giving away the punch line, I will say the Kingdom of God is a power source, so alien to anything of this world. When we think of power and authority, we must honestly come to grips with how deeply we are marred and influenced by worldly systems and our own seriously flawed nature.

This will be our direction today…to live in the Kingdom of God.  Now in this present darkness, it will appear to those belonging of “other kingdoms” as ridiculous, but we are His children in His Kingdom.

Pastor Mike