“Civil Disobedience”

“For this reason you must obey the authorities — not just because of God’s punishment, but also as a matter of conscience” (Romans 13:5) GNT

Often, when a person is found in a difficult situation, the British will say: “That’s a sticky wicket!” So, as our neighbors across the North Atlantic say, we too find ourselves often navigating “sticky wickets.”

We have personal sticky wickets of our own making and sticky wickets created by other people. The United States as a nation, has a whole bunch of sticky wickets to deal with. Sides are drawn, positions and actions are being taken, right and wrong…often making the original sticky wicket even more sticky and “WICKED.”       

The Bible references several kinds of authority.  There is God’s authority, parental authority within the home, spiritual authorities within the church, individual authority, and there is civil governing authorities, in local, state, and federal levels. All authority is to be obeyed…with only ONE exception.

Just the mere mention of the word authority can create a sticky wicket, as there are some who recognize no authority except their own; even believers who acknowledge the authority of Christ, as long as it agrees with them. Hence, we have sticky wickets measured in the tonnage.

Obeying civil government, as stated in the verse above, is not just for the purpose of avoiding punishment for disobeying, but also so we can have a clear conscience.

Authority is a good thing!
Pastor Mike