VSML Fall Courses!

Courses are held at Christian Assembly (address) on Monday nights or online weekly!  It’s time to register for Fall 2017! Chose from the following:

New Testament Survey – Online weekly for 11 weeks, starting September 30th . NT Survey is an 11-week overview of the New Testament. It will help students understand the history and purpose of each NT book of the Bible. Students will gain a detailed understanding of the historical significance of each book of the NT and a basic understanding of the key theologies of the NT including the plan of Salvation, the Kingdom of God, and the Hope of Heaven.

Life skills for Leaders – Monday nights 6-8:30 pm for 11 weeks, starting October 2nd . Life Skills for Leaders is a leadership development course designed to refine a broad range of spiritual disciplines and leadership skills. It will challenge students to engage a variety of topics including: Upgrading Your Character, Increasing Personal Initiative, How to Inspire Teamwork, and Becoming Great Thinkers. This course will help students gain insight into the next steps in their personal faith and leadership development.

To register call Pastor Tana at 406-370-4260, or go to schoolofministrymissoula.com to print a student application for enrollment and learn more about our program.